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Blood Relation

Each Video Supported by Practice Questions
.हिंदी और अंग्रेजी - दोनों माध्यमों के लिए उपयुक्त
Suitable For all major Govt Exams
 100% Question Solutions
As Per Question Trends - 2017 to 2020

Specially for Week/Average Student in this topic
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Distance and Direction - Reasoning

This course includes Basic Knowledge of topic along with Concept and Rules, Distance and Directions is based on. You will go through Different types of Topic Tutorials proceeded by Quiz Sessions. This course also includes Video Quizzes having simple explanation and some short tricks to solve tricky questions which will help in prepare well for examination, you are planning to appear for. 

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Classification - Verbal Reasoning

This course is designed in form of a tutorial based on the Concept and Logic behind Verbal Classification. Tutorials are based on each of its types (Words  Based, Number Based and Letter Based) along with Practice Questions. Previous Year Questions Session is added to enhance your knowledge and quick to solve questions. Revision Class  is arrange to clear your doubts and other preparation stuff is also there so check it and practice well. 

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Reading Comprehension - Short Passages

A Complete Course on Short Passage type Reading Comprehension for Competitive Exams containing all the Tips and Strategies to solve Questions related to Reading Comprehension effectively is available for you. The Course includes practice videos of 40+ Short Passages along with 200+ Practice Questions. Enroll now and Get to learn how to attempt comprehension passages during Examinations.

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Mixed Graph - Data Interpretation

Here you will find a well-structured and Mixed Graph  Topic Course. This course includes basic concepts problems from easy to high level. You will practice different Practice Questions, Quizzes and Previous Year Questions. Also you will learn some Short tricks and get useful stuff in PDF form. This course is worthy for aspirant preparing of Govt. Examinations 2021 so must check it out and practice well. 

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