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 The partnership course includes Basic Knowledge of the topic along with Concepts and Rules. You will go through Different types of Partnership Tutorials along with Practice Quiz Sessions. This course also includes Video Quizzes having simple explanations and some short tricks to solve tricky questions which will help in prepare well for the examination, you are planning to appear for. 

Average - Concept Tutorial, Rules, Tricks and Quizzes

A well-structured and systematic course is designed for the Average Topic Of Mathematics. This course includes Step by Step classes to clear Concept, Logics and Different Types. You will get its various types in a tutorial form which is easy to understand along with Practice Questions, Quizzes and Short tricks to solve. Obviously Average is the most important topic in any Govt. Examinations. Revision Class and other Preparation Material is also in Course so just check it and prepare well. 

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Profit and Loss

Profit and Loss is a topic of wide variety of Questions asked in the Competitive Examinations. Here we have developed this course on ‘Profit and Loss’ which includes Basic Concepts, Formulas, Tricks and its Applications in all types of Profit and Loss questions. You will also get to solve Easy, Moderate and Advance Level Quizzes strictly prepared in accordance with the Level and Style of Examinations for effective preparation. 

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